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Doors & closures

High quality finished product

We know that the doors and closures assemblies are the most complex vehicle parts.

Closures are a class of their own, subjected to thorough analysis which must meet strict appearance and dimension quality requirements.

Our accumulated know how and extensive technical experience with assembly lines covers a complete range of joining technologies which guarantee the final demands of your product.

We are up to date at all times with the constant development of doors and closures (innovative uses of materials, construction concepts, manufacturing processes...).

Our patented roller and table-top hemming technologies contribute towards meeting all the requirements in such a demanding field. Functional, flexible and reliable solutions which meet the quality and productivity expectations of our clients.


Own technology, maximum quality assurance

Both for cases of high productions with demanding cycle times and for cases where the flexibility of the process overrides the productions or dimensions with complicated access, we provide tailor-made Table-Top and Roller hemming solutions or a combination of both.

Our specialist team has developed and patented its own technologies, constantly assuring the best solution for each specific case.


Structural assemblies and reinforcements

Robust and reliable

Our extensive experience in different types of structural assemblies and reinforcements means we can offer various types of manufacturing processes.

Complex dimensions have become part of our daily life. We have created both small and large sized assembly lines, from limited versions to larger versions, and using one to various materials?

Our extensive technical experience, supported by our creative focus guarantees the best possible process solution to meet your demands and requirements.



Definition of tools and process

We are aware of the complexity that Chassis parts MAG welding entails.

Our specialist team always offers the best solution, both in terms of defining the welding process and defining the tools. Our experience helps us to correctly predict the performance of a part during the welding and cooling processes.

Our engineering knowledge, just as is the case with our experience, amassed over the years, in arc welding, is the foundation for finding a better solution for each chassis installation.


Railway Cars

Large dimensions, high quality.

Over the course of our 20 years of history, we have completed in excess of 200 projects around the world.

With extensive experience in joining technologies, we began implementing automated solutions in the train carbody manufacturing industry.

We are now a benchmark in this field and our solutions certainly result in cost and time savings, whilst also offering an extremely high appearance and dimensions quality level.

From the simultaneous engineering to the implementation of the solution, our terms are particularly appealing in a world where the limit date for obtaining the first cars is crucial.


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Mercedes Benz
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