Multidisciplinary Engineering...

In short, we are a Multidisciplinary Engineering Company, (Mechanical, Electric, Pneumatic, Hydraulic, PLC Control, Robotic Programming, Commissioning and Fine Turning), with the purpose of developing solutions in the industrial automation and assembly sector.

Turnkey projects...

Our Added Value lies in the development capacity, both with regards to the Product and the Process, as well as the turnkey projects comprehensive management capacity..

Multi-project vision...

Multi-project standardisation is an essential element by which we offer our customers cost reduced solutions based on high added value engineering, which standardises processes, reducing the volume of future investment.


We have operations in Urduliz (Spain) and Puebla (Mexico) which enable us to supply locally to our main customers in the EUROPEAN and NAFTA markets, adding swift response capacity to our know-how.

In addition, we are able to cater for other markets from any of our operations depending on the needs of our customers and/or projects.